BOK Korean Fried Chicken
BOK Korean Fried Chicken first opened its doors in August 2020, amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a Kitchen Hub in Alabang, Muntinlupa. The idea was to set up a cloud kitchen with multiple brands, but because of the high demand of BOK, we realized that we had something special in our hands.

The inspiration to start BOK comes from our passion to create high quality products combined with the country's love for fried chicken and Korean culture. We soon found ourselves busy formulating recipes and perfecting the art of Korean Fried Chicken in the months prior to our opening.

Through our customers that we fondly call our BOKada, we are reminded to make decisions towards their wants and needs. This means only serving quality food with generous servings and providing great customer service, with a goal of ensuring that our BOKada is left with an enjoyable and fulfilled experience.

Our Products
We highly believe in serving only the best for our BOKada. It is our goal to grow under the highest standards of quality, using the best international practices on sourcing, procuring, processing of raw materials and finished goods. We work with one of the biggest commissaries in the Philippines in ensuring that all the products we produce are consistent, clean, and of high quality.
Our BOKada
Originating from the Filipino word Barkada which means a group of friends. We believe that everyone among our employees, management, and most especially our customers, should be treated with utmost respect and camaraderie, as if they are part of our group of friends.